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Opening hours Friday and Saturday from 18:30 and Sunday’s lunch from 12:00


In the botanic garden of Restaurant Jägerhaus eight biotopes are to be found; each feed from a single underground spring. This means the ecological balance (natural filtering) is held in check. Thus a large selection of animals such as frogs, toads, trout, water crabs, lizards and various fire-dragons can be seen living near or in these bodies of water. Also the delicate and rare Great Diving beetle and the shy ring snake feel very at home here. In a pond of its own, grows our mustard watercress while our security guard, Sydney (an Australian Black Swan) is often inquisitive towards any "invaders". It is good to be aware of this when enjoying a glass of our homemade Elderberry sparkling wine on the grounds.

A variety of birds are also to be viewed such as: the Mirror, the Blue and Nun titmouse, Redstarts, Wrens, the Buffy Hummingbird, Bach and Blue-headed Wagtails, Bull finches and different sparrow species including the Yellow-hammer, Hedge sparrow, Finch, Woodpecker, Regulus good fellow, Blackbird and Thrush. They have been brooding here seasonally their young for over many years and since 1995 sparrows have taken to nesting in the furrows of the Museum wing. The King white crane dines from our ponds while in summer we have an m élange of colour in our fields both from the wild flowers and the butterflies that grace them.

Due to the fact that our garden is not over cultivated many species of animals have found a sanitary within our walls. So while the garden is open for all to appreciate for pre-dinner drinks or events as personalised weddings under the large oak tree, or pre dinner Cocktails.

In Summer you can also sit outside on our balkony and watch all the animals while enjoying your dinner.

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