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Opening hours Friday and Saturday from 18.30 and Sunday’s lunch from 12.00


A few things that mean a lot to us:

It is our desire and aim within the walls of Restaurant Jägerhaus, on the edge of the Southern Black forest, not to be just another "Gourmet-temple". We rather foster a soothing atmosphere in which a natural and honest kitchen can flourish, within the high standards we set ourselves. We utilize top quality regional produce whenever possible of an organic quality. Even our bread is made from natural flour ground by the old water mill situated in lower Wollbach. Due to our preparing for you upon the day of your visit, a freshly produced menu, the seasonal menu card is kept small and compact.

"Small and fine" is also the motto for our wine card. Here we offer regional wines from small local ecological family owned wineries, which we collect directly ourselves thus holding onto our philosophy: "Quality before quantity".

Not by us:

We have decided to take on our "Not by us!" list the following items for specific reasons. These are frog legs, Caviar, Turtle, Whale products, Lobster and force fed Goose Liver. If you wish to know why please just ask us or perhaps it is already clear to you our reasons from various recent press coverage about these items. We appreciate your understanding and support here.

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Seasonal specials:

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